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Action is the distance between today and your dreams

If you're at a point in your life where you believe that you want and deserve more, then it's time to take action


A NSAFS qualified money mentor, I can help you to gain control of your finances through designing a personalised, budget based on your circumstances. I also provide a service where I can deal with correspondence that you have been too frightened to open! 


Coaching can be used as a key to unlock the doors to dreams and aspirations, or to remove barriers within personal, financial or business areas. The answer always lies within the client and I assist and encourage the process of finding it. ITOL accredited


I specialise in delivering workshops and training sessions around employability, returning to work, project or business development. Additionally, I can deliver your pre-designed training sessions or support the creation of them. AET and CAVA qualified

Are you ready?

I will help you unlock your unlimited power 

For over 25 years I have been working with people in various settings supporting their understanding of self, growth and development in their personal, academic, career and business worlds. 

A natural-born solution finder, I confidently navigate the journey between a barrier – real or perceived – and the answer, giving those who I work with a sense of a new reality and the opportunity for an enriched life. 

Having gone through many of my own challenges and learning how to use these as stepping stones to the next chapter, I can relate and empathise with the situations faced by many but always focus on the desired, positive end result even when it looks very dark and hopeless. 

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant in your current job but don’t know what your next step could be? Do you have a project or business idea but doubting whether you can actually do it? Do your money worries have you avoiding phone calls and opening letters? Do you want more out of life but tell yourself that you don’t deserve it?

Typically, people don’t take steps to another level in their lives because of lack of direction and confidence combined with the presence of fear. With these blockages removed anything is possible and that’s how I can help you. 


How I Can Help You

I offer 121 sessions in person or via Zoom, workshops with small numbers of people or larger training sessions. I can also tailor my services to meet your needs


121 coaching sessions covering academic or career progression, lifestyle management and project or business development. Coaching sessions will help you to set and achieve goals through a strucutred plan whilst identifying any blockages / barriers that will need to be removed  

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My forthcoming workshops are for individuals who have a lifestyle, project or business idea and would like to be supported in bringing it to life. By the end of the workshops, particpants will have a step-by-step action plan on how to activate their ideas. Sessions will include guest speakers on various, relevant topics and refreshments.

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Ever wished that someone else could open your letters and tell you what’s inside? I can do this for you and then advise what needs action and what can be thrown away. Peace of mind guaranteed! Or you may just want a personalised budget to help you get on top of your finances and away from money stresses

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Where the need arises, I can make referral suggestions to other professional services, for example:-
Financial or business advisors 
Academic or career advisors
Counsellors or therapists
Networking groups


The Importance of Planning

You would have probably heard the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. In essence, if you don’t have some form of guide to follow where are you really going?


Get into the habit of writing down your thoughts, issues and ideas rather than having them floating around in your head


Start to collate them into different areas of focus e.g – home, relationships, work, financial, business, learning etc


Look at what needs action and put into a priority order of:- ‘Urgent’ – situation is already at crisis point and must be dealt with today; ‘Important’ – tackle now and it won’t reach the urgent stage; ‘Revisit’ – once the urgent and important are dealt with


Assess whether you can successfully complete the actions yourself or whether you will need to get appropriate help and support. This is not a sign a weakness but instead will help you to achieve your goals

STEP 5 – Contact me if you need a hand


Receiving the Integrity Baton Award in 2018

This award means a lot to me. Integrity is key when working with people, so to be recognised in this area was something really special! 

Launch of my magazine ‘Stories of Success’

I love capturing the inspirational journeys of people and in 2017 I published a magazine called Stories of Success

Working with young people 

As well as coaching and training, I’m the founder and director of a youth leadership and development organisation called Youth in Excellence CIC

Client Testimonials

I learnt the importance of networking and tips on the same. Most importantly I learnt how to set goals practically to achieve them in reality.
I had goals but did not know where to start from but these coaching sessions taught me about how to segregate the tasks which are important to do and the ones which are not. This was quite quite helpful to sort out the mess of ideas and thoughts in my brain. Highly thankful for that!


Kingston University Student

Kay is a fantastic motivator, with a wealth of knowledge and experience and it shows.
Not only does she talk about achieving success, but her track record speaks for itself.
When I first went to Kay with the small undeveloped idea for my business she told me enthusiastically to go for it and I’ve never looked back. Her support and guidance have been a key part to where I am now.
I would recommend Kay’s services to anyone who needs a kick start in life or to elaborate on their business idea. 


Director – Free Your Mind CIC

From this coaching I have improved in motivation, planning and time management skills. Also I have learnt a lot about myself as in how I face situations and trials.

I benefitted much more than my expectations.

I was helped to keep motivation and I have gained numerous advice that will be greatly valuable for my future experiences


Final year student

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