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Balanced Mind. Happy Heart

2020 Goals!

We seem to have flown through 2019! With only 2 more months until the start of a new year, have you been thinking about what 2020 looks like for you? Are there changes that you want to make in your personal, financial or career life? For things to be different, we have to know where…
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What scares you?

Ok – so not things like spiders (arachnophobia), clowns (coulrophobia), chalk (calxophobia), eggs (ovophobia) or dragons (dracophobia) But what scares you about you? That you aren’t informed enough to go to certain places and you’re frightened of potential conversations that may expose your lack of knowledge around particular subjects. That you aren’t doing enough to…
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Are you waiting for permission?

Do you have conversations with yourself about that idea that you’ve had for ages, and how great it would be when you finally do something with it? Brings a smile to your face, right? But then another voice joins in telling you that you can’t execute that idea because what would your friends / family…
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woman balancing on yoga blocks

Balancing act

Our lives are so busy. Even when we’re not physically moving around getting things done, our minds are constantly working overtime. Having that ever constant thought process about something or nothing can be so draining and lead to an unhealthy mind which in turn affects the physical, emotional and spiritual balance. All four areas of…
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Social Entrepreneur..what’s that?

So what is a social entrepreneur? “I would describe a social entrepreneur as someone who has an idea growing inside of them, one that just won’t go away and it takes over their thinking and their very being on a daily basis. Their idea is one about how they can provide a solution to a…
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