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Money Mentoring

Balanced Mind. Happy Heart

An OCN accredited ‘Money Mentor’ and ‘Teach Others’ facilitator, I am happy to help you gain control of your personal finances by working with you to create a manageable household budget.

Please note, I am not a financial advisor so cannot give advice on or recommend products or services.

When we are financially ‘out of control’ we become weaker in other areas of our lives. Through understanding of budgeting and a structured budget, debt can be managed and eliminated. 


The Stress of Letters

Do you dread every time a letter comes through your door even if it’s just a menu from the local takeaway?

Have you considered boarding up your letterbox?

Ever wish that someone could open your letters and tell you what’s inside, so you know exactly what you are dealing with and then what you have to do to make the situation go away?

Well – I can help you with that (I can’t however come and board up your letterbox)

I recently helped someone who was literally petrified of opening some post that had been sent to her family home where she had moved from a couple of years previously. We’ll call her Ava (it’s not her name, and nothing like her name). 

Ava had convinced herself that she was going to be sent to prison. Not for any valid, logical reason but the fear of the unknown correspondence was pushing her mind into overdrive. 

She couldn’t eat, sleep, work or focus on anything. The picture of standing in front of the judge and being sentenced was becoming more and more likely (in Ava’s head).

When I asked her what could she have done that would result in a prison sentence Ava couldn’t think of anything specific apart from maybe an unpaid parking fine, but that was a good enough reason in her head.

I told Ava to send all the post to me so that I could give her the reality of the situation, which was:-

A mass of marketing materials: credit cards; mobile phone offers; a few pizza menus; double glazing and so on – BIN

A student finance statement – no action required

A parking fine – which actually wasn’t even valid considering it showed photos of 2 different cars going in and out of the car park!

A CCJ reminder for payment – the only thing that needed action. 

I advised Ava to contact the collection agency for the CCJ to arrange the payment. The amount outstanding was manageable for her and would be cleared within 6 months. 

When Ava heard that she wasn’t going to be sent to prison (!) she said that she instantly felt the biggest weight leave her body. Her appetite came back. She went to gym. She started to live again. 


If you recognise this feeling and this stress, let me help you get rid of it please.