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Are you waiting for permission?

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Are you waiting for permission?

woman sitting on a bench in front of a waterfall reading a magazine called Ideas

Do you have conversations with yourself about that idea that you’ve had for ages, and how great it would be when you finally do something with it?

Brings a smile to your face, right?

woman smiling and holding her face

But then another voice joins in telling you that you can’t execute that idea because what would your friends / family / colleagues / neighbours / random strangers on social media think or say about you?

And that other voice is your own voice of doubt and fear. The one that tells you that you aren’t worthy of doing something different. That you don’t have the right skills, knowledge, experience, time or money. That you have no right to step out of the zone or circle that you are in. How dare you!

Then you think to yourself, if only one person could tell you that it’s alright to go ahead, that would make it all ok.


The only person you need permission from is you.

Permission to learn and be taught. Permission to grow. Permission to make mistakes but don’t give up. Permission to leave people behind. Permission to say no. Permission to say yes! Permission to do different and be different. Permission to follow that childhood or adulthood dream. Permission to laugh.

Permission to have more.



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