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Social Entrepreneur..what’s that?

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Social Entrepreneur..what’s that?

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So what is a social entrepreneur?

“I would describe a social entrepreneur as someone who has an idea growing inside of them, one that just won’t go away and it takes over their thinking and their very being on a daily basis.

Their idea is one about how they can provide a solution to a issue that they feel very strongly about; it’s usually something that is personal to them and because of their experience with this issue their desire to make an impact gradually overrides everything else that is in their life.

Social entrepreneurs are not content with just accepting the wrongs of society – they will stand up and fight for what they believe in! They are passionate, dedicated and consumed by what they are creating and changing in the world.

But before someone becomes a social entrepreneur (which in fact is a title put upon them) before this we have the dreamer, the person, the individual and the individual needs guidance, advice and most of all real support to help them bring their ideas and dreams to life.” – Kay Oldroyd, The Successful Social Entrepreneur’s Club, Founder of Youth in Excellence, BYA (Black Youth Achievements), Editior – Youthphoria UK

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