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Activate Your Idea

New workshop October 2019! Activate Your Idea 4 weeks to develop the idea that you’ve been sitting on for way too long. It’s time to take action! These once a week group workshops are designed to: Download your ideas from your head onto a visable document Identify, challenge and remove self-limiting beliefs and barriers Equip…
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Are you waiting for permission?

Do you have conversations with yourself about that idea that you’ve had for ages, and how great it would be when you finally do something with it? Brings a smile to your face, right? But then another voice joins in telling you that you can’t execute that idea because what would your friends / family…
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Social Entrepreneur..what’s that?

So what is a social entrepreneur? “I would describe a social entrepreneur as someone who has an idea growing inside of them, one that just won’t go away and it takes over their thinking and their very being on a daily basis. Their idea is one about how they can provide a solution to a…
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