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What scares you?

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What scares you?

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Ok – so not things like spiders (arachnophobia), clowns (coulrophobia), chalk (calxophobia), eggs (ovophobia) or dragons (dracophobia)

But what scares you about you?

That you aren’t informed enough to go to certain places and you’re frightened of potential conversations that may expose your lack of knowledge around particular subjects.

That you aren’t doing enough to upskill yourself at work but if you can make yourself seem really busy maybe your manager won’t notice and you’ll get through another day without being found out.

That you’re literally financially surviving month to month but just one unexpected expense could put you into crisis. So far, you’ve got away with it but you’re really hoping that you have to deal with nothing more serious than a blown lightbulb (even those are seeming kind of expensive)!

That you just feel stuck and life is moving by so quickly. All those things that you said you wanted to achieve just remain on that list, with no accomplishment in sight.


These are all real life situations that are disempowering and limiting.

Good news is they don’t have to be permanent!

The power to change your situation always lies within you. By deciding you want something different you can then embark on a very personal and liberating journey of self. That journey may not be quick and definitely won’t be easy as it requires constant and consistent changes of embedded habits and deep-rooted fears.

But small steps in the desired direction are still leading you to a greater destination where the reward lies.

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